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Radu in Playas in Montezuma, Costa Rica3/5(1)


Radu works a few months per year and spends most of the winter hopping from one tropical country to another, to play volleyball and enjoy the beaches.

Costa Rica is his latest destination.  After this, he’s off to Panama, Ecuador and who knows.

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Radu in Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica3/5(1)


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Ko Phangan3.5/5(2)


Not only is this one of the most famous beaches in the world for back packers, this is also one of the best beaches in the world to play volleyball.  Because of the hills and trees, you rarely get the sun in your eyes.  And there isn’t much wind.

This was during a quiet time of the month.  During the full-moon party, the beach is packed, shoulder to shoulder.

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Valentin Imperial Maya4/5(2)


This is a great all-inclusive resort, to boot.  Food is spectacular.  Great service on the beach.  Lie around all day and get served cold drinks.  Then, when you want, walk over to the court and play some ball.

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Nice, France3.5/5(2)


Considering that there are only two courts here, the players were good.  There’s even jump serving here.

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Juan Les Pins2/5(1)


You never need to chase after the ball here.  Courts are fully enclosed by nets.

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Jen in Cannes3/5(2)


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Dan in South Beach2.5/5(2)


We never made it to the beach much.  There was a volleyball tournament for modeling agencies.  They weren’t bad players.

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What’s there to say about Waikiki that hasn’t been said before?

It’s still one of the best beaches in the world.  Check out the view from this hotel room.

There is one photo that may not be that spectacular, but it may be of interest to the volleyball players:

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Cayo Santa Maria3.5/5(2)


Cayo Santa Maria is on the north side of Cuba.

Like Boracay, Philippines, it has unbelievably flat beaches, where you can walk for hundreds of meters and still breathe.

Ideal conditions for beach volleyball.  Unfortunately, not many players.